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Glass Fabrication

Our Facility and Equipment 

Our state of the art facility boosts some of the most advanced technology on the market, allowing us to produce perfect glass cuts quickly and efficiently. Accurate’s production tracking, delivery and equipment has been updated to latest standards.


This new piece of equipment has increased our frameless shower door production speed and always delivers a high quality finish.

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Our Besana auto drill system is a true work horse drilling machine that allows the glass to be drilled from top and the bottom in the same process...

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Cutting Department

Our new automatic cutting machine can cut perfectly square or pre-programmed shapes in all thicknesses and with incredible speed.

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Glass Washing

Our Brand New 2017 European built Triulzi vertical glass washer gives us a High Pressure Prewash and Rinse for top shelf quality control.

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Mitering & Polishing

Accurate is doing its part to help. Each of our three polishing machines have a state of the art sedimentor installed.

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This furnace allows Accurate Glass to temper our customers ownglass with the proper timing.

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Fragile Delivery

Accurate Glass provides a delivery service for our tempered glass products in a protected environment.

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Glass Technical Information