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Mitering & Polishing

We've Gone Green

Accurate is doing its part to help. Each of our three polishing machines have a state of the art sedimentor installed. This allows us to use the water in the machines 3-4x longer than before; This is in addition to our clear glass recycling program that we have been doing for 5 years, keeping waste out of our landfills.

Our 3rd Polishing machine was installed in the Spring of 2015

This monster 12 Spindle high production polishing and mitering machine complete with crane and lifting equipment for the oversized panels allows us to edge the glass more efficiently; resulting in a faster delivery for our customers.

Out with the old and in with the new...

We have updated our 2007 Bottero with a brand new 2015 Bottero 10 spindle polishing and mitering machine. This new machine complete with the previously installed crane and lifting gear will again allow us to be more efficient with no down time for repairs. Once again allowing Accurate to produce more product faster for our customers.

V 810 BCS Bottero - Polishing and Mitering Machine

This state of the art computerized milling machine polishes glass in thickness from 3/16" up to 3/4" to a furniture perfect finish. With the aid of computerization the automatic change over from high polish to mitering is a much faster process than it was in the past. This machine is our top performer for milling our 3/8" thick frameless shower door production.

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