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Glass Fabrication

Our state of the art facility boosts some of the most advanced technology on the market, allowing us to produce perfect glass cuts quickly and efficiently. Accurate’s production tracking, delivery and equipment has been updated to latest standards.


Our New 2010 CNC Machine

Our new Bottero Patrica C.N.C. machine by Bimatech has endless glass shaping capabilities! It performs shower door cut outs. It notches clamp cut outs and holes in seconds. It breezes through notches, drilling, writing, grooved slots, logos, radius corners, and so much more. The laser glass positioning system helps the operator position the glass in the machine quicker allowing the glass to process in seconds. The Bimatech Cad drawing program is AutoCAD based for our customers to send or e-mail AutoCAD drawings. This new piece of equipment has increased our frameless shower door production speed and always delivers a high quality finish.


Besana Automatic Glass Drilling Machine

Our Besana auto drill system is a true work horse drilling machine that allows the glass to be drilled from top and the bottom in the same process which eliminates chips and a clean precise hole each time. We are capable of 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 2", 4" holes in just seconds. Please remember when sending us drawings for holes that all holes are measured to the centre of the hole or cut out.

Cutting Department

Our cutting Department has been newly revamped with state of the art machinery. Accurate stocks over 100,000 pounds of glass in the glass factory at any time. Large and bright, complete with a overhead crane for bulk production. To further the speed and accuracy in which orders are completed, we have an "order intake desk" that oversees all orders and programming for our cutting dept.

Our new automatic cutting machine can cut perfectly square or pre-programmed shapes in all thicknesses and with incredible speed, as well as reduced waste via the optimization program.

Glass Washing

Vertical Glass Washer

Our Brand New 2017 European built Triulzi vertical glass washer gives us a High Pressure Prewash and Rinse for top shelf quality control. The outlet section is backlit, making spots and scratches and imperfections visible. This ensures ourglass is absolutely contaminant free before we be temper bake it to perfection. The machine is GREEN, with double insulted tanks, supply sensors that stops both air and water when the machine is empty. The angled air blade system blow dries the glass absolutely spot and streak free. There are no imperfections when we run it through the temper line. The machine is part of our commitment to quality through advance technology and process.

Mitering & Polishing

We've Gone Green

Accurate is doing its part to help. Each of our three polishing machines have a state of the art sedimentor installed. This allows us to use the water in the machines 3-4x longer than before; This is in addition to our clear glass recycling program that we have been doing for 5 years, keeping waste out of our landfills.

Our 3rd Polishing machine was installed in the Spring of 2015
This monster 12 Spindle high production polishing and mitering machine complete with crane and lifting equipment for the oversized panels allows us to edge the glass more efficiently; resulting in a faster delivery for our customers.

Out with the old and in with the new...
We have updated our 2007 Bottero with a brand new 2015 Bottero 10 spindle polishing and mitering machine. This new machine complete with the previously installed crane and lifting gear will again allow us to be more efficient with no down time for repairs. Once again allowing Accurate to produce more product faster for our customers

V 810 BCS Bottero - Polishing and Mitering Machine
This state of the art computerized milling machine polishes glass in thickness from 3/16" up to 3/4" to a furniture perfect finish. With the aid of computerization the automatic change over from high polish to mitering is a much faster process than it was in the past. This machine is our top performer for milling our 3/8" thick frameless shower door production.


Barrie's First Glass Tempering Furnace

The production of this heat balance tempering furnace has already proved itself after it was installed in early 2007. The speed that it can temper glass is a real benefit to our clients. Up to 120 shower doors per day can be tempered due to its computerized controlled recipes and quick change overs for different thicknesses.The max sizes that can be tempered are 56" by 106".

The minimum size is 12" by 16" and the thickness from 4mm to 19mm (3/4). This furnace allows Accurate Glass to temper our customers ownglass with the proper timing.