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What are the requirements for my custom shower?

Custom Shower Requirements

Following the guidelines outlined below will help Accurate Glass supply and install the "perfect frameless glass shower enclosure" that will last a lifetime!

  • Marble thresholds must have a 1/8" fall-in or leakage warranty will not apply.
  • Minimum width for tempered side lights is 5"
  • Openings must be completely tiled and grouted before measuring. No Exceptions.
  • Plumb and level for measuring will decrease cost and shorten project timeline
  • Shower units are designed to mount in middle of marble threshold and doors open both in and out.
  • Wall mount hinges to be installed on marble only (Tile will crack)
  • Clear neoprene bottom sweeps are installed on all doors.
  • Steam showers may use fixed clamps or pivot hinges on header (pivot not recommended)
  • Showers will only mount on flat straight surfaces, no Estelle type tile or marble overhangs.
  • Glass block and shower doors do not mount together properly.
  • Mitering increases cost but are always necessary on angled showers.
  • Delivery time is 2 – 3 weeks.
  • 40% deposit at time of measuring and balance C.O.D. – No Exceptions.

In order to properly price and design frameless showers, it is necessary for us to first receive a sketch including the ceiling height, door width, hardware choices, etc… Please include the proper site address, with map if required, email, pertinent telephone, cellular and fax numbers for the contractor and site etc.

What are the size requirements for Tempering?

The max sizes that can be tempered are 56" by 100".

The minimum size is 12" by 16" and the thickness from 4mm to 19mm (3/4).

What are your order requirements?

  1. Each piece of glass must have 1 piece per page drawing.
  2. Hole location and DIA of holes are required on each effected panel.
  3. Hinge cutouts must be located on each effected panel.
  4. Rakes or shapes must be detailed on each panel drawing.
  5. Hinge type and copy of the template must be supplied with each order.
  6. If the project was quoted previously, include a copy of the written quotation.
  7. Shapes must have a hard board template well marked, NOT cardboard.
  8. Thickness indicated on each drawing and type of glass.
  9. Edge work indicated on each drawing and the degree of mitre if needed.
  10. Once a deposit or PO# is given there is a no cancellation policy as the manufacturing process starts immediately.
  11. No return policy is strict for scratches, flaws, sizes, etc... Pieces must be checked by customers before the product leaves the plant.
  12. Over all sizes must be shown on each drawing, Accurate will not total partial dimensions.
  13. Size deductions are not the responsibility of Accurate Glass and must be the cut size on each drawing.
  14. No glass is packaged or wrapped.
  15. Stamp information must be indicated on each drawing.
  16. Accurate's tempering furnace size is max 60" x 100" and 4mm to 19mm thickness.
  17. Drawings are to be in imperial measurements to 1/16" only.

What does your warranty cover?

  1. Every product has been carefully manufactured and is GUARANTEED to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of one year from invoice date. "If any product, in our judgement, proves to be defective in material or workmanship, and fails to to perform to specifications, similar replacement will be furnished without cost. Such replacement will be the limit of the liability of the seller. *Installation and workmanship guaranteed for one year.
  2. All claims as regard to the quantity and/or quality of merchandise shipped must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery. The material must then be held intact for inspection by the seller's representative.
  3. The customer is placed responsible for preparing the opening and/or area for such as removal of old doors, shelving, tracks, trim, or any other obstruction. The customer agrees to pay for the cost of any additional labour required to be performed in order to prepare opening for installation. The customer is also responsible for the disposal of all old materials; Not Accurate.
  4. No return will be accepted by the seller for Custom Manufactured Products.
  5. The order placed is subject to all items and conditions stated on the face of the order. It is agreed that payment will be made as stipulated in the order.
  6. The seller shall not be liable towards any purchaser nor towards any third party for damages sustained, arising directly or indirectly out of any purchase of any merchandise beyond the price paid by the purchaser for such merchandise.
  7. Supplier reserves the right to make changes in design or to make additions to or improvement in its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to install them on its product previously manufactured.
  8. All orders are accepted subject to delays due to strikes or other labour disturbances, fire, flood, acts of God, shortage of material, delays in transit, Government priority or other regulation, delay or failure by our supplier to deliver, or other causes beyond our control.
  9. The customer shall permit Accurate Glass & Mirror, and its employees to carry out light assembly work on premises and provide electricity without charge for the purpose of installation.
  10. No other agreement, oral or written, expressed or implied, shall qualify the terms hereof.
  11. Title to all merchandise shall remain with the seller until this order is paid in full and according to the terms stated. The seller may at his election remove merchandise unless payment is made within the time limit as defined by the terms herein stated and retain payments made as liquidated damages without legal process. The property covered by the terms shall remain personal property whether placed upon a permanent foundation or in manner affixed or attached to the building or structure in which it may be contained.
  12. If merchandise is used in whole or in part or kept after forty-eight (48) hours, the buyer shall be deemed to have fully inspected such merchandise, and shall be deemed to have absolutely accepted all goods shipped and shall be precluded asserting any implied and/or express condition as to quality or quantity of goods shipped.
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